There are many different therapeutic services available in mental health settings around the country, with some aimed at individuals and others aimed at groups or families.

Mike offers an integrative approach, that draws from elements of cognitive and behavioural therapy (often called 'CBT'), psychodynamic theory, family therapy and solution-focused therapy. What this means is that, as a clinical psychologist, Mike assess the history of the person and their difficulties, looking at:

  • what has been tried already
  • what thoughts are being experienced
  • what relationships are present and working or nor working
  • what support the person has around them
  • how the person behaves, copes and manages on a day-to-day basis
  • what goals and targets the person has
  • what has been tried already
  • what holds them back, or maintains the problems
  • their personal resources (for example, motivation, commitment, patience)

There is an initial assessment session, where Mike will work with you to understand the most useful therapeutic approach, tailoring the therapy to suit the targets or goals you want to achieve. For example, aspects of CBT work extremely well in depression and anxiety; behavioural therapy works well with children (sleep problems, hyperactivity / ADHD etc); and psychodynamic therapy works well with deep-rooted problems from childhood.