Some lovely comments sent to us: 

"Hi Mike,
Wow what a day it was, thank you so much - there was a real buzz in the office yesterday morning with those who came, from a personal perspective I cant tell you how much it has benefited me and I now feel more able to support to my clients."


D. Norwich (following a one-day workshop)

"After having a traumatic accident at work, i was referred to Dr Mike Lloyd for CBT. Not being sure as to what CBT was all about, i was a little apprehensive as to what to expect.

I needn't have worried as Mike made me feel totally at ease. The therapy Mike has given me has helped in my return to work, and stopped me avoiding the scene of my accident.

 I would recommend Dr Mike Lloyd to anyone needing this kind if treatment without hesitation."

Mr L, Cheshire

"After decades of doing what I thought was a marvelous job of displacing my emotions, hiding my sadness & suppressing my anger, my sister & close friends one day pointed out to me that I was in fact doing a terrible job & that the tell-tale signs of my unrest were escalating. It was clear that I could no longer manage my past all by myself. Mike Lloyd was recommended as someone who may be able to assist, so I called him & set up a consultation. I had no idea what to expect nor little expectation of what difference that talking to a professional would make over all of the case study books that I had read.

After our first couple of meetings, Mike offered his professional opinion on what style of counselling that he thought may benefit me the most. Together we discussed which path would be the most manageable & we moved forwards with that course. Within 12 months, my life had turned around completely. People who had not seen me since prior to starting my counselling with Mike have been taken aback at how different I am both emotionally & physically. It is incredible how physically apparent your emotional trauma is to everyone around you, but never to yourself. It seeps into every pore of your life affecting all that you do in a less than positive way. 

I will forever be thankful to Mike for giving me the tools to find clarity of thought, emotional freedom & happiness. Calling Mike was the best gift that I could have ever have given myself. The rewards in this investment will be reaped indefinitely."

J, Staffordshire

"I just wanted to let you know that I've completed my degree! It was very hard & such a battle with the back pain which I think makes it worth that bit more! I definitely couldn't have done it without your guidance so thank you!"
M, Cheshire