Privacy and Data Protection

From the 25th May 2018, new data protection rules come into place known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is important you understand how these apply to any contact you have with Cheshire Psychology. GDPR applies to any data held, so this part of the website identifies what data is held, used and stored.

Firstly, no data is generated or kept from any visitors to the website,

Data is only kept from contacts made to Cheshire Psychology, for example, via phone or e-mail. At this stage, only information that has been passed to Cheshire Psychology is kept, either electronically or in paper form. All electronically held data is stored with password protection and all paper data is locked away at the clinic.

Personal identifiable data (name, contact details) are kept purely for the purpose of communication between the person and Cheshire Psychology. No data of this nature is shared with any other individual or organisation, unless the person expressly requests this, and consents to this being shared. An example is if a letter or report  is required by the person's GP or employer. Data accuracy is important, and we will communicate with you if such transfer of information is required to ensure all personal data is correct.

Therapy notes, including questionnaires, are required to be kept for a minimum of 7 years, then safely destroyed. These are held in a locked container and are not removed from the clinic uness there is an agreed reason for doing so. This complies with BPS regulation of management of therapy notes.  However, there are circumstances where such notes can be destroyed following the ending of any work, and this will be discussed with you.

No data generated through contact with Cheshire Psychology will ever be used for the purpose of direct marketing, or shared with any organisations without the express consent of the relevant person. Any serious breach of data protection will be notified within 72 hours to the ICO. At any time, a person for whom data has been kept can request copies of information held about them, to be provided within one month of the request at no charge (unless there is a substantial requirement).